A creative agency that provides digital service from A to Z for your company or event.


We are a young team that works on a close relationship with every customer.
Because we understand what you are looking for.
A small agency with a very big drive.


We design a customized website for you with strategic insights that ensure more visitors, a higher turnover, greater brand awareness and measurable results. We are constantly exploring the limits in search of new standards in terms of products and services.

What we are really good at is finding smart digital solutions that grow your organization, ensuring that you are constantly connected to your audience. And the very best news? 
We do that together with you.

Because it’s you.


What do you expect from your dream website?
That it is easily found in the Google jungle.
That it is very user-friendly.
That it looks good, fresh and modern.
Most important, we make it affordable.

We make the most streamlined website you could wish for: just what you expect.
And then we go one step further for you.

Because it’s you.


During our first meeting you will immediately notice that the passion for photography and creativity is clearly present. Qualitative photos can make a world of difference for your marketing campaigns. 

Together we will look for the ultimate style that your company or event needs to distinguish.

Because it’s you.


How do you reach the right people with the right message in the right way on social media?
We have a team on hand to help you with this. 

We look for the why of your campaign. Then we would like to know who your target group is. Then we will tell you how you can best reach that audience. Strong marketing campaigns, that is what you can expect from us. Around all the social media platforms that you know, and if necessary, a few more.

Because it’s you.



Medialynx bvba

Stationsstraat 228, 
2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver

+32 497 03 95 84